Light Steel Villa Solutions

Luxury light steel villas where using galvanized light steel construction technology are employed, make a difference with their aesthetic appearance. ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC. prepares these villa solutions under its own manufacturing assurance, with its professional team, each of whom is an expert in his/her area, taking the demands and needs of customers into consideration; and such light steel villa solutions become prominent also with their durability.

Facade Cladding in Light Steel Villas

For the siding of light steel villas, the fiber cement boards, which are manufactured within the body of ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC with INTERNATIONAL STANDARD A1 fire rating, are employed in differing patterns and cutting techniques. It is also possible to observe that fiber cement boards are employed for indoor facades, columns, and ceilings, in different patterns and different cutting techniques.

Insulation in Light Steel Villas

ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC. elaborates the structural components in the light steel villas manufactured under the Steelin brand, taking thermal and acoustic insulation into consideration. It aims to minimize energy consumption expenses.


Light Steel Villa Features

  1. Provides acoustic and thermal insulation.
  2. Reduces energy consumption costs.
  3. Resistant to an earthquake.
  4. The installation process is fast.
  5. Environmentally friendly.
  6. Construction process costs are low.
  7. Offers sustainable solutions.