Light Steel House Solutions

It is manufactured, under the brand name of Steel, with high technology materials and equipment of Alb-Illyrians Housing LLC, from high density galvanized structural steel, which is the bearing construction for light steel house solutions, using Structure Robot technology, as a weldless connection. The connections of the elements forming the structures are provided by bolted connections. These structures can be produced as single storey, duplex and multi storey.

Light Steel House Facade Cladding

Facade coatings of light steel houses are made with Board branded fiber cement boards (natural cement board) manufactured within the body of Alb-Illyrians Housing LLC. These superior materials with an A1 class fire rating feature stand out with their advantages such as eco-friendly and resistant to water. At the same time, they protect the buildings against environmental factors in all climatic conditions.

Why Light Steel House?

  • 1st-degree earthquake-resistant structures.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Sustainable structures.
  • Flexible and lightweight structures.
  • They are used in all kinds of climate conditions.
  • Stainless, non-deformable, and long-lasting.