Light steel is produced from galvanized steel by the cold forming method.

Light steel construction technology is a construction system in which structural elements are produced from galvanized steel by cold forming method. Building details, which are structurally designed, are transferred to the machine with computer support and shaped in specially designed with Robot lines. Thanks to the fact that pre-manufacturing is carried out in the factory environment and on robot machine lines, errors that might be caused by human factors are minimized.

Light steel construction types are much more affordable compared to heavy steel and reinforced concrete, assembly and disassembly of the products can be performed easily. Construction machinery needed during the installation of heavy steel structures is not needed much for light steel structures. This is an important factor that reduces the installation cost even more.

Light steel construction materials are frequently used in factory buildings, buildings related to the steel industry, easily assembled prefabricated houses, hangars, sports, and similar facilities, warehouses, small and large workshops. Construction elements produced in roll form machines with advanced technological machines are brought to the construction site in parts, and the products are assembled here. Since they are pre-manufactured systems, they can be produced in special dimensions upon order. ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC quickly produces materials designed as per the pre-order thanks to its advanced technological infrastructure in construction elements production.


What Are The Properties of Light Steel Construction?

  1. Offering unlimited options with numerous production alternatives, light steel elements can be applied according to order in all structural issues such as assembly, the number of floors of the constructed building, and purpose of use.
  2. While producing according to order, it is also suitable for architectural solutions.
  3. It does not contain an error margin due to the technology used in factory productions.
  4. Steel material is used in columns and beams.
  5. It is more advantageous compared to reinforced concrete buildings in terms of thermal insulation.
  6. If sound insulation is required, professional insulation is provided by installing sound barriers on the steel construction.
  7. Buildings made of galvanized steel remain standing for a long time.
  8. Structures that are most resistant to earthquakes are structures made of light steel.


Why Should You Prefer Light Steel?

The strength and weight ratio used in construction techniques in the production of building materials is one of the most important criteria to be considered. Construction is done according to this ratio; the strength-weight ratio is taken into consideration when deciding on important issues such as the number of columns and beams, positioning within the structure, and the number of floors.


Building elements are often produced using recycled materials. However, various deformations are observed in construction raw materials after recycling and these materials become unusable. In this sense, steel is among the sustainable construction materials. There is no loss in strength and durability, especially when reused after recycling. Dimensional deformations such as contraction or expansion due to external factors are not observed. Material quality is in accordance with international standards and no product leaving the factory shows local or structural differences.


Constructions made of light steel are secure against fire. It is fireproof and prevents fire from spreading. The waste rate is 20% in timber whereas it is up to 2% in steel. Light steel construction materials, which do not show sudden increases in prices, provide long-term protection for the structure. It also provides advantages in maintenance costs in addition to reducing the construction cost. It does not cause oxidation problems that can be observed in the later years of the building, and it also minimizes the risk of occurrence and proliferation of mold and fungus formations.


Light Steel Structure Advantages

Other advantages of buildings produced with light steel technology can be listed as follows;

  1. It is long-lasting, robust, and secure.
  2. Provides high sound, heat, and water insulation.
  3. The construction system, with pre-production, carried out in the factory, allows for error-free and fast production.
  4. It provides more efficient earthquake performance thanks to its flexibility and lightness.
  5. It offers flexibility and aesthetic solutions in design.
  6. It shortens the construction duration thanks to its ease of assembly.
  7. It ensures a cleaner construction site environment.
  8. Constructions made of galvanized steel are resistant to corrosion and rust.
  9. It is environmentally friendly.
  10. It is cost-effective.
  11. Standardization in the construction system ensures stability in quality and material prices.
  12. It is one of the most recyclable building materials.



For Which Projects Can Light Steel be Preferred?

Office buildings are among the projects where light steel construction technology can be preferred. During the project phase of light steel office buildings constructed by ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC, needs criteria are determined first. How many personnel are there, how long it will be used and extra needs are the most important matters. While designing the building according to technical specifications, snow, and wind load, in-office comfort is also among the points to be considered in addition to the static properties such as climatic conditions. A building design is made according to all the criteria considered, and special solutions are offered.

Sales offices are also among the light steel construction projects. In addition to the aesthetic appearance details that provide prestige, spacious spaces should be created for sales offices with quality materials. Since the number of visitors to the office will be high, the necessary infrastructure is prepared for all of them to be comfortable. In these types of buildings, high floors wide openings are preferred. It is required to make special static calculations in interior and exterior architecture. Care is taken to ensure that construction elements such as columns and beams, which are determined according to static values, are both robust and complement the interior architecture in terms of visual aesthetics. In the sales offices built by ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC, electrical and sanitary infrastructure systems inside the building are projected as flush-mounted. In addition to interior architecture, exterior aesthetics are designed and applied with the same degree of precision and care.

Special design and application are provided for all healthcare centers, hospitals, family health centers, and polyclinic projects constructed by ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC with light steel, according to the area of construction. Especially in healthcare buildings, it is important to create a strong construction with fewer materials and to have a low cost of construction. Fast installation and a clean construction site environment is an important criterion for preferring these types of structures by healthcare centers. All of the constructions approved by the Ministry of Health of each country can be inspected. Another important issue is that the buildings are produced in the same model that reflects the institution they represent. Light steel structures provide a great advantage, as they are expected to be easily disassembled and assembled when the location needs to be changed due to an external factor that may occur in the area of construction. Hygiene is more important than anything else in healthcare centers and all healthcare institutions. The galvanizing process provides easy hygiene and keeps all kinds of insects away from the building. Light metal elements, which are preferred for their high heat and water insulation, are among the constructions that perform much better during earthquakes thanks to their flexibility and lightness.

ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC brings together technology, comfort, and aesthetics in educational buildings made of light steel. Sustainable durability of light steel provides great advantages especially in NORTH and NORTHEAST regions of the USA with harsh winter conditions. In addition to the durability of construction materials, the design of the buildings to adapt to climatic conditions of the region where they will be constructed makes them more preferable. Just as in healthcare buildings, the margin of error in construction should be minimum in educational buildings. Since its pre-production is made under factory conditions, the margin of error is extremely reduced. Plans prepared in accordance with the standards and technical specifications of the Ministry of National Education are designed by prioritizing the comfort of students and instructors.

Durability, aesthetics, fast production and assembly, comfort conditions on the inside, periodical maintenance, etc. criteria are particularly requested by both users and the managers in these buildings where commercial accommodation takes place. Providing high sound and heat insulation values inside the building, clean and harmless production process for the environment on-site, high energy performance throughout the building, environment-friendly and green building criteria at the maximum level are major factors for preferring high rise light steel system.


Durability and aesthetics are also at the forefront in hotels constructed with light steel construction and other building materials. In addition to fast production and assembly, high sound and heat insulation stands out as another criterion in this sector. Hotels and accommodation facilities constructed by ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC provide a cleaner construction site environment and are considered environmentally friendly green buildings in terms of sustainability.


Having an important place in light steel construction exports, ALB-ILLYRIANS HOUSING LLC does not compromise on high-quality standards in all national and international buildings. We are always at your service with the prefabricated structures, containers, and steel structures we construct.